Monday, July 19, 2010

Alice's Breakfast in the Park

I was talking about this restaurant today with my art friend, Suzanne. We reminisced about the day we painted there at Alice's Breakfast in the Park. The restaurant has the best homemade cinnamon rolls! It is unbelievable that the City of Huntington Beach will not renew their lease. They will close on Labor Day for good. It was a sunny day when we went there to paint this. The ducks kept coming up to our easels. I sold this painting to an unknown buyer.

Japanese Tea Garden Wedding

This was a late afternoon wedding in the Japanese Tea Garden at Long Beach State University.  It was a beautiful setting.  Doug and Nicole Purcell where married there.  They had there dinner together on this landing.  I painted this for them for there 1st Anniversary.  This was started at least 3 years ago.  I just finished recently and gave it to them in July.